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VA - Spain In My Heart (Songs of the Spanish Civil War)

This July was the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.
We will post and repost some related albums in the next days...

A collection of songs to pluck at the heart strings of all those with a sense of history, especially the history of the anti-fascist stugggle in the 30's and even more so of the part played in that struggle by the progressive men and women of Spain and their allies in the International Brigades.
The album collects seventeen recordings of old and new songs performed by iconic figures of American folk, Latin and country: Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, John McCutcheon, the bluegrass singer and fiddler Laurie Lewis, Aoife Clancy (former member of Cherish the Ladies), Shay Black (The Black Family), Quetzal, the Mexican Lila Downs, Guardabarranco (the duo of siblings Katia Cardenal of Nicaragua and Salvador), Eliseo Parra, Uxía ...

  • 01. Jarama Valley (El Valle del Jarama) [Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger] - 5:05
  • 02. En la Plaza de Mi Pueblo [Michelle Greene] - 3:41
  • 03. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade [John McCutcheon] - 3:40
  • 04. Asturias [Guardabarranco] - 2:45
  • 05. El Quinto Regimiento [Lila Downs] - 3:44
  • 06. The Bantry Girls' Lament (El lamento de las chicas Bantry) [Aoife Clancy] - 3:42
  • 07. García y Galán [Uxía] - 3:53
  • 08. Los Cuatro Generales [Joel & Jamaica Rafael] - 3:36
  • 09. Llegó Con Tres Heridas [Eliseo Parra] - 3:17
  • 10. Noche Nochera [Guardabarranco] - 4:19
  • 11. Viva la Quince Brigada [Shay Black & Aoife Clancy] - 4:17
  • 12. Si Me Quieres Escribir [Quetzal] - 3:11
  • 13. Tú Que Brillas [Michele Greene] - 3:26
  • 14. Los Marineros [Uxía] - 3:10
  • 15. Peat Bog Soldiers (los soldados de la turbera) [Laurie Lewis] - 2:55
  • 16. Viva la Quince Brigada [Quetzal] - 3:06
  • 17. Taste of Ashes (Sabor a cenizas) [Laurie Lewis] - 4:07
VA - Spain In My Heart - Songs Of The Spanish Civil War
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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