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Lightnin Hopkins - Free Form Patterns (1968)

Lightnin' Hopkins originally recorded the ten tracks that make up "Free Form Patterns" on February 1, 1968, for the International Artists label. Also on that label's roster was the psychedelic group 13th Floor Elevators, which, by 1968, had basically disbanded.

For this session, producer Lelan Rogers (Kenny's brother) teamed Hopkins up with Elevators drummer Danny Thomas and bassist Duke Davis. While not as revolutionary as John Lee Hooker's sessions with Canned Heat, "Free Form Patterns" steers clear of the late-'60s psychedelic trappings that screwed up such similar sessions as Electric Mud. No one tried to bend Hopkins to fit a foreign musical approach on "Free Form Patterns"; he made the music bend to him.


1. Mr Charlie
2. Give Me Time To Think
3. Fox Chase
4. Mr Ditta's Grocery Store
5. Open Up Your Door
6. Baby Child
7. Cookings Done
8. Got Her Letter This Morning
9. Rain Falling
10. Mini Skirt

Lightnin Hopkins - Free Form Patterns (1968)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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