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Goissahannes - Liadrige Liadr... von dr Alb raa (1981)

In the Nazi regime, dialect artists and "Mundarten" (dialects) were deemed abjectly uncultivated or questionable and often fell foul of officialdom. In the 1970/80s there was a rediscovery of people singing in their regional dialects.

Swabian dialect had a long tradition in german folk music, but was the poor relation of High German. Thomas Felder said: "I wanted to make serious poetry. There wasn´t any model in Swabian."

On the album "Liadrige Liadr..." the singer-songwriter Johannes Christ, called Goissahannes, presents songs "...von dr Alb raa" (from the Swabian Alps). On this album he was accompanied by Alfred Biebl, Hans Schneider, Sepp Winkler and Arno Randlshofer. The album was recorded in 1981 at the "Tonstudio BRUTKASTEN" in Nürnberg. It contains the still remarkable swabian classic "Mooschdd aus´m Kruag". Maybe you want to have a look:


1.Mooschdd aus'm Krug3:58
4.Talking - I mecht so gern dr Hansi Müller sae - Blues 3:25
5.Weil du mae Liabschda bischdd2:17
7.Enn handert Joar semmer hee5:10
8.S' neie Deiddschland-Liad3:00

Goissahannes - Liadrige Liadr... von dr Alb raa (1981)
(256 kbps, front cover included)

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