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Lightning Hopkins With His Brothers Joel And John Henry And With Barbara Dane (Arhoolie, 1966)

Barbara Dane  (born May 12, 1927) is an American folk, blues, and jazz singer. She forged her own path, singing for peace and justice and refusing to recognize music-biz boundaries between folk, jazz and blues. On the occasion of her 85th birthday, Boston Globe music critic James Reed called her "one of the true unsung heroes of American music."

Sam Hopkins was a Texas country bluesman of the highest caliber whose career began in the 1920s and stretched all the way into the 1980s. Along the way, Hopkins watched the genre change remarkably, but he never appreciably altered his mournful Lone Star sound, which translated onto both acoustic and electric guitar. Hopkins' nimble dexterity made intricate boogie riffs seem easy, and his fascinating penchant for improvising lyrics to fit whatever situation might arise made him a beloved blues troubadour.               

Recorded June 18, 1964 at the Cabale (later The Questing Beast) in Berkeley, Ca. and November 26, 1961 in Berkeley, Ca.               


With His Brothers Joel And John Henry
A1 See About My Brother John Henry
A2 Hot Blooded Woman Blues
A3 Black Hannah
A4 I Walked From Dallas
A5 Going Back To Baden-Baden

With Barbara Dane
B1 Sometimes She Loves Me
B2 You Got Another Man
B3 I'm Going Back, Baby
B4 Mother Earth
B5 Jesus Won't You Come By Here

Lightning Hopkins With His Brothers Joel And John Henry And With Barbara Dane
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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