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Allen Ginsberg / William Blake ‎– Songs Of Innocence And Experience (1970)

"Songs of Innocence and Experience" is an album by American beat poet and writer Allen Ginsberg, recorded at Apostolic Studios New York City in June & July 1969. For the recording, Ginsberg sang pieces from 18th-century English poet William Blake's illustrated poetry collection of the same name and set them to musical accompaniment, performed with a host of jazz musicians.

The album was first released in 1970 on LP by MGM Records and Verve Forecast Records. It soon went out of print and remained so until 2017, when Omnivore Recordings released "The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience" double CD, featuring previously unreleased recordings from the same time period and in a similar vein as the original album.

The original volume of William Blake’s collection of poems "Songs Of Innocence And Experience Showing the Two Contrary States Of The Human Soul" was published in 1789 and since then many have tried their hand at putting some of his “songs” to music, including poet Allen Ginsberg who believed that Blake had originally intended for his poems to be sung. Ginsberg also believed that by studying their meter and verse he could roughly figure out how Blake himself would have performed them. This album then, originally released in 1970 on Verve, is the result of his efforts.


A1a Introduction 2:10
A1b The Shepherd
A2 The Echoing Green 1:22
A3 The Lamb 1:10
A4 The Little Black Boy 3:00
A5 The Blossom 1:22
A6 The Chimney Sweeper 2:20
A7 The Little Boy Lost 1:06
A8a The Little Boy Found 1:24
A8b Laughing Song 1:24
A9 Holy Thursday 1:15
A10 Night 3:57
B1 Introduction 2:06
B2 Nurses Song 2:07
B3 The Sick Rose 1:35
B4 Ah! Sun-Flower 1:12
B5 The Garden Of Love 1:02
B6 London 1:55
B7 The Human Abstract 2:30
B8 To Tirzah 1:42
B9 The Grey Monk 4:06

Allen Ginsberg / William Blake ‎– Songs Of Innocence And Experience (1970)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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