Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

V.A. - Notas De Libertad

" 'Notas de Libertad' is a compilation of popular anarchist and anti-authoritarian songs. As far as we know it was produced for the magazine "El Liberatrio" in Caracas.

Fourteen artists from  Ecuador, Argentina, USA, France and Spain were part of this project. The songs are in Spanish language.


01 - Joe Hill - Pastel Celestial
02 - Georges Brassens - Mala Reputación
03 - Paso a Paso - Carteo
04 - Paso a Paso - Hambre de Vida
05 - Paso a Paso - Lloro Por Dentro
06 - Moi Rojo - Hey
07 - Moi Rojo - Historia Maldita
08 - Gabriel Sequeira - El Anarquista
09 - Gabriel Sequeira - Perdido en las Calles
10 - Sena Jaraiz - Errante Extremeña
11 - Lengua de Trapo - Lindos Gatitos
12 - Lengua de Trapo - La Copla del Palo Bueno
13 - Jaime Guevara - Bandera Negra I
14 - Jaime Guevara - Bandera Negra II
15 - Ethan Miller - Only 8
16 - Juanito Piquete - El Hombro
17 - Juanito Piquete - Voces Libertarias
18 - Pablo Garabato - La Mulata
19 - Pablo Garabato - Bienvenido al Camino
20 - Serge Utge - Maknovtchina
21 - Pito Karcoma - Ay Margarita
22 - Pito Karcoma - Revolución
23 - Sonoris Kausa - Indios de la Calle
24 - Sonoris Kausa - Cualquier Noche

V.A. - Notas De Libertad
(ca. 170 kbps, no cover included)

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Carl Harvey - Meets The Dub Masters Bunny Lee And Prince Jammy - Ecstasy Of Mankind

The Jamaican recording industry has never been known as artist-friendly, but the case of Carl Harvey's "Ecstasy of Mankind" is particularly eye-opening.

Harvey, an accomplished guitarist, was recruited to record the album in 1977 by renowned producer Bunny Lee. For whatever reason, Lee never released the album himself. Without his or Harvey's knowledge (and thus without compensation), it came out in England in 1979 on the Cancer label and then was amazingly misrepresented as a Lee "Scratch" Perry album called "Guitar Boogie Dub" (There's a long history of albums attempting to capitalize on Perry's name. See the book "Super Scratch".)

Finally, almost 30 years after its creation, Harvey's work received finally an official release in 2005 (thanks to French label Makasound), and he will finally reap the fruit of his labor. (He hasn't been in the poorhouse, though; during most of the near-30 years, he's been playing with Toots & the Maytals.)

For "Ecstasy of the Mankind", Lee essentially gathered 10 previously recorded rhythms and had Harvey work his guitar magic over each. The ones most familiar to listeners will likely be "Break Outs" (Ken Boothe's "Moving Away"), "Late Night Raver" (the Techniques' rendition of Curtis Mayfield's "Queen Majesty"), "Misty Night" (John Holt's cover of Brook Benton's "Rainy Night in Georgia"), and "Breezing" (Mikie Chung's cover of the George Benson tune).

Even if the rhythms are familiar, though, Harvey's electric guitar spices up the music with a bluesy rock 'n roll passion (all save for the jazzy, cool "Breezing"). Certainly, the rock guitar sound isn't for everyone, and there are instances here where it doesn't blend with the music as well as other times, but overall "Ecstasy of Mankind" presents a unique '70s dub sound, witha grittiness that is only enhanced by Lee's typically edgy production.
(192 kbps, cover included)

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

MC5 - Teen Age Lust (live)
This ten track gem was recorded on January 1,1970 at the Civic Center in Saginaw,MI.
It's sound quality is between very good to excellent.

Several MC5 tresures included in the set, just sounds so much better when played live.

Most notable cuts are the title track "Teen Age Lust","Looking At You","Human Being Lawnmower" and the foot-stomping "Black To Comm" which is squeezed into a medley with "Starship" and "Kick Out The Jams".
Guitarist Fred Smith steps up to provide the vocals on "Shakin' Streets". This version kicks ass!!

The guitar playing by Kramer and Smith is superb throughout; they manage to convey so much energy it's unreal. A particular highlight is the great rendition of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown, where the two guitarists even manage to get in some delicate two-part harmony amidst the more out 'n out rocking moments on the album.

1. Intro/ Ramblin’ rose
2. The human being lawnmower
3. Tonight
4. Rama lama fa fa fa
5. It's a man's man's man's word
6. Teen age lust
7. Lookin at you
8. Fire of love
9. Shakin' street
10. Starship

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