Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

Erich Wolfgang Korngold - Between Two Worlds (Entartete Musik)

"Between Two Worlds" is another album with music suppressed by the third reich. It is part of the invaluable "Entartete Musik" series that focused on composers and music banned by the Nazis. The title to this album comes from the music Korngold wrote for a film of the same name but it also poignantly refers to Korngold who had to seek exile in the United States because he was Jewish. A mixture of film work and concert repertoire make for a fascinating album.

The term "Entartete Musik" refers to a large exhibition mounted by the third reich propaganda ministry against "degenerate" art and music.


01. The World at War - the Next World
02. The Blitz in London
03. The Pianist at the Piano
04. The Pianist at the Piano
05. Fear - Entrance of the Examiner
06. The Minister
07. The Nazi-collaborator
08. The Young Actress and Her Boyfriend
09. The Journalists Mother
10. The Fate of the Pianist and His Wife
11. The Sound of Breaking Glass
12. The Second Sound of Breaking Glass
13. The Pianist's Wife Begs to be Reunited with Him
14. Return to the London Flat
15. Theme and Variations, op.42
(192 kbps, front cover included)