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VA - Bluegrass Breakdown - Newport Folk Festival

This recording documents live Newport Folk Festival performances by many of the greatest bluegrass artists of the Sixties, an era in which bluegrass was to see some radical changes. Younger artists were discovering the music with great enthusiasm, and were carrying on the tradition established by the music´s originators with tremendous vitality.

Here can be heard the roots of bluegrass, in the od-timey fiddle styles of Lue Berline, Clayton McMichen and Fiddling Arthur Smith; the bluegrass bands that were legends in their time, Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys, The Stanley Brothers and The Dillards; and of course the next generation, citybillies who eagerly embraced the older styles and embellished them with their own imaginations and talents: Byron Berline, The New York City Ramblers and the Greenbriar Boys.

This album was recorded at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963 - 1965. It ends with "Bluegrass Breakdown", which gives this collection its name, another Bill Monroe original that always left the audience hollering for more.

1Lue Berline And Byron Berline New Broom
2Lue Berline And Byron Berline Old Logan
3Lue Berline And Byron Berline Crazy Creek
4Lue Berline And Byron Berline Dusty Miller
5Stanley Brothers, The How Mountain Girls Can Love
6Stanley Brothers, The A Man Of Constant Sorrow
7Stanley Brothers, The Big Tildy
8Stanley Brothers, The Orange Blossom Special
9Fiddling Arthur Smith                                        Leather Britches
10Fiddling Arthur Smith                                        Blackberry Blossom
11–Greenbriar Boys, The                                        Levee Breakin' Blues
12–Greenbriar Boys, The                                        At The End Of A Long Lonley Day
13Dillards, The Old Joe Clark
14Dillards, The Ground Hog
15Dillards, The Banjo In The Hollow
16Dillards, The Polly Vaughn
17Dillards, The Dueling Banjos
18Clayton McMichen Alabama Jubilee
19Clayton McMichen Sourwood Mountain
20New York City Ramblers, The You Better Get Right Little Darlin'
21New York City Ramblers, The I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know When
22New York City Ramblers, The Cedar Hill
23New York City Ramblers, The Tell It To Me
24Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys* Muleskinner Blues
25Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys* Blue Moon Of Kentucky
26Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys* Walls Of Time
27Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys* Somebody Touched Me
28Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys* Bluegrass Breakdown

VA - Bluegrass Breakdown - Newport Folk Festival
(256 kbps, front cover included)

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iggy hat gesagt…

Thanks for this great bluegrass, my friend. It brightens every day!


iggy hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for this superb bluegrass collection. A perfect way to start a Sunday morning in Oregon! All good wishes,


zero hat gesagt…

Glad you like that stuff, all the best to you!

Bob Mac hat gesagt…

Many thanks for this one.

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

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