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Matching Mole - Little Red Record (1972)

Released later in the same year as their debut, this 1972 album was the band's last. The punningly titled band (an English pronunciation of the French translation of Robert Wyatt's previous band, "Soft Machine") broke up just after it was issued.

This outing is a bit more experimental than its predecessor, favoring a range of sonic experiments, such as "Gloria Gloom." This also marked the debut of one of Wyatt's most gorgeous enduring songs, "God Song."

The album title refers to Chairman Mao's Little Red Book (1964). This reference is also carried over to the faux-Chinese style of the album cover, which is reminiscent of posters created during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Its quiet bearing actually points the way for his classic solo albums that followed a few years later ("Rock Bottom" and "Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard"). Produced by Robert Fripp, this album presents the more intellectual and introspective side of the era's British progressive bands. It has aged very well over the decades and is an important chapter in Wyatt's varied career and output.  

A1Starting In The Middle Of The Day We Can Drink Our Politics Away
A3Nan True's Hole
A4Righteous Rhumba
A5Brandy As In Benge
B1Gloria Gloom
B2God Song
B3Flora Fidgit
B4Smoke Signal

Matching Mole - Little Red Record (1972)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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rev.b hat gesagt…

An album I always enjoy revisiting, and yes, it has aged quite well, still very much 'in the current moment.'

zero hat gesagt…

Well said, i also enjoy this album.

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