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Ruts - Penetration - BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert

With their unique blend of raucous punk rock laced with reggae and dub, the Ruts were one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Britain's late-'70s scene. Their career was cut cruelly short by the death of their singer in 1980, but still the group released six crucial singles and a seminal album in their short lifetime, while the surviving members soldiered on as Ruts D.C. 

They were also a powerful force within Britain's Rock Against Racism movement, ensuring a political legacy at least as vital as their music. On classic tunes like "Babylon's Burning" and "In a Rut," the band delivered rough-and-ready punk rock as strong as any of their peers in the first wave of U.K. punk, but "Jah War" showed they were similarly expert with reggae rhythms and dubwise production, and "Staring at the Rude Boys" showed they could blend punk sounds and West Indian themes, honoring each side equally.

Penetration is a punk rock band from County Durham, England formed in 1976. They re-formed in 2001 with several new members. Named after the Stooges song of the same name the band were formed in late 76 in Ferryhill County Durham by three friends Pauline Murray, Robert Blamire and Gary Smallman after seeing the Sex Pistols play in Manchester. They played their first gig in October 76 at the Middlesborough Rock Garden and played their first London gig at the famous Roxy Club in January 77 supporting Gen X.
Their debut single, "Don't Dictate", is now acknowledged as a classic punk rock single and their debut album, "Moving Targets" (1978), is still widely admired.

This concert was originally recorded for the BBC 7th July 1979 at the Paris Theatre and broadcasted the same month. The Ruts songs have been bootlegged on vinyl as "I Ain't Sofisticated" and "Shine On Me: Paris Theatre, London 7th July 1979".


1 The Ruts - Your Just A ... 3:02
2 The Ruts - It Was Cold 4:16
3 The Ruts - I Ain't Sofisticated 2:29
4 The Ruts - Dope For Guns 2:15
5 The Ruts - Sus 3:27
6 The Ruts - Babylon's Burning 2:43
7 The Ruts - Jah Wars 3:05
8 The Ruts - Criminal Minds 1:46
9 The Ruts - In A Rut 4:37
10 Penetration - Danger Signs 2:37
11 Penetration - Lovers Of Outrage 3:59
12 Penetration - She Is The Slave 3:18
13 Penetration - Come Into The Open 2:54
14 Penetration - Movement 3:14
15 Penetration - Nostalgia 3:58
16 Penetration - Free Money 4:12
17 Penetration - Stone Heroes 3:45
Ruts - Penetration - BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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