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Slapp Happy - Sort Of (1972)

Slapp Happy were formed in Hamburg with Dagmar Krause on vocals, Anthony Moore on guitar, keyboards and vocals and Peter Blegvad on guitar and vocals. Blegvad was an associate of the German group Faust and this recording was made in1972, in the band's studio, using their musicians and producer Uwe Nettelbeck. It is a passionate debut, with witty melodic songs offset by Dagmar's unique vocals. Blegvad proudly proclaimed it as "Naive Rock, the Douanier Rousseau sound".

Slapp Happy's debut unveiled a band that was not so much an avant-rock group as one that seemed primarily interested in toying with rock conventions, as if such subversion was more inherently worthwhile than playing it straight. That meant that at its least impressive, it didn't qualify as either good avant-rock or good conventional rock, instead lumbering along with self-consciously jagged tunes. It sounds best when Dagmar Krause's vocals come to the forefront, as on "Heading for Kyoto" and the downright poppy "Blue Flower," a pretty folk-rockish number that lifts a hook from the Velvet Underground's"Femme Fatale." "Who's Gonna Help Me Now?" is strange roots-rock, and "Sort Of" a surfish instrumental that sounds like a postmodern "Telstar," all contributing to the feeling that the band was more concerned with tongue-in-cheek eclecticism than moving toward a settled identity.


1 Just A Conversation 4:07
2 Paradise Express 2:38
3 I Got Evil 2:33
4 Little Girl's World 3:34
5 Tutankhamun 2:16
6 Mono Plane 6:52
7 Blue Flower 5:22
8 I'm All Alone 2:52
9 Who's Gonna Help Me Now 2:29
10 Small Hands Of Stone 4:44
11 Sort Of 2:21
12 Heading For Kyoto 3:11
13 Jumping Jonah (Bonus Track) 3:08

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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