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Nina Simone - It Is Finished (1974)

"It Is Finished" is Nina’s farewell to militancy, to her record label and to America. Fittingly, there are backward glances; an affectionate homage to Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, an earlier black hero, and a dedication to Bessie Smith, with the sexy "Sugar In My Bowl". "The Pusher", an unsparing account of the devastation wreaked by drugs, makes clear why escape was necessary.

Having spent fifteen years running, it was time for Nina to relax and take stock. She moved to Barbados in 1974, and subsequently lived in Liberia. The role of freedom fighter had broken down in the face of social and personal problems. Nothing daunted, Simone reinvented herself as the Obeah Woman.

The African-rooted, classically trained pianist freely moved between ‘civilization’ and ‘savagery’ (both are tricky concepts and need those inverted commas). The dark and fearful "Dambala" visits a place beyond death and reveals the secrets that only the "Obeah Woman" knows.

"It Is Finished" is a good live recording of Nina in 1974 and definitively recommended to any Nina Simone fan (and everybody should be IMO), as pretty much every live album I've heard from her.

The Pusher 5:12
Com' By H'Yere - Good Lord 2:55
Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter 5:21
Mr. Bojangles 5:21
I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl 5:54
Dambala 6:53
Let It Be Me 3:35
Obeah Woman 6:17

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Quite a spirited write up. I dig her but she once ripped a cab driver friend of mine, Star Haze, for a 260 dollar ride on a long distance fare. Had him wait in the car out front of a beauty salon where she went in the front door and out the back.

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