Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Hannes Wader - Ich hatte mir noch soviel vorgenommen (1971) - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Hannes Wader, let´s celebrate your 70. birthday!

Hannes Wader is a German songwriter (Liedermacher), singer and guitarist. He was an important figure in German leftist circles from the 1970s on, with his songs covering such themes as socialist and communist resistance to oppression in Europe and other places like Latin America. He both wrote new songs and played versions of older historical works.

Wader was born in Bielefeld, Westphalia, Germany, on 23 June 1942. His works are mostly based on German folk songs. Aside from his own lyrics, he also performs works of famous poets like Eichendorff. He now rarely sings the workers' songs and socialist hymns that used to be a large part of his repertoire. He recently published an album exclusively with songs by Franz Schubert. He also performed translated works from Carl Michael Bellman on the album "Liebe, Schnaps & Tod".

Remarkably, many of the social issues Wader sang about are still relevant today. Besides Franz Josef Degenhardt (r.i.p.!), Wader is one of the most relevant political singer-songwriter in Germany.

In the 1970s, Hannes Wader became one of the stars of the political left through his provocative songs. He was a member of the German Communist Party from 1977 to 1991. The publication of the song "Der Tankerkönig" stirred up controversy, as it covered the kidnapping of the son of the tycoon Rudolf August Oetker. Wader even came under suspicions of terrorism.

In 1973 he moved to Struckum, in Nordfriesland, where he published some of his later albums. In 1998, he and his family moved to Kreis Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein.

He has published numerous albums and still tours throughout Germany. He appears in open-air concerts and also in clubs.
By the way, if you have the chance to watch the wonderful documentary film "Wader Wecker Vater Land" about Konstantin Wecker and Hannes Wader, please don´t miss it!
Thanks a lot for all the wonderful songs!
01 Charly
02 Eine die du nicht kennst
03 Steh doch auf du armer Hund
04 Hör auf Mädchen
05 Aufgewachsen auf dem Lande
06 Monika
07 Arschkriecherballade
08 Ich hatte mir
(192 kbps, no cover included)

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Jennifer Lara - Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara (1974)

Jennifer Lara, born in Kingston, Jamaica, died 11 June 2005, Kingston, Jamaica.

In 1974, Jennifer Lara recorded her debut album with Coxsone Dodd at Studio One in Brentford Road. The results of the sessions appeared on "Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara", which was an instant success.
She also enjoyed a massive hit with the single "Where Have All The Good Men Gone", which has since become an anthem. Other Downbeat-produced hits followed, including "Consider Me" and "Do That To Me One More Time".

While working in Brentford Road she was also employed as a backing singer and is recognized for her notable contribution on Freddie McGregor’s early 80s recording "I Am Ready". She toured in Europe and her appearances in the UK were greeted with enthusiasm by both media and audiences.

A1 A Woman
A2 A Change Is Gonna Come
A3 Hurt So Good
A4 Close To You
A5 Impossible
B1 Loving You
B2 Our Love
B3 Love And Harmony
B4 Ain't No Love
B5 Rocking Tonight

Jennifer Lara - Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara
(ca. 192 kbps, front cover included)