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Woody Guthrie - The Early Years (feat. Cisco Houston & Sonny Terry)

Woody Guthrie was the most important American folk music artist of the first half of the 20th century, in part because he turned out to be such a major influence on the popular music of the second half of the 20th century, a period when he himself was largely inactive. His greatest significance lies in his songwriting, beginning with the standard "This Land Is Your Land" and including such much-covered works as "Deportee," "Do Re Mi," "Grand Coulee Dam," "Hard, Ain't It Hard," "Hard Travelin'," "I Ain't Got No Home," "1913 Massacre," "Oklahoma Hills," "Pastures of Plenty," "Philadelphia Lawyer," "Pretty Boy Floyd," "Ramblin' Round," "So Long It's Been Good to Know Yuh," "Talking Dust Bowl," and "Vigilante Man." These and other songs have been performed and recorded by a wide range of artists, including a who's who of folksingers.

The tracks found on this collection (which also features Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry) were recorded in the mid-'40s for Folkways Records and have been available in countless configurations over the years under varying titles, including editions for the Tradition, Legacy, Prism, and Collectables record labels. The best way to get this material is through the four-volume "Asch Recordings" from Smithsonian Folkways, which has the most thorough annotation. But anyway, this is a nice introduction into the inspiring music of Woody Guthrie.


1 Hey Lolly Lolly 2:45
2 Buffalo Skinners 3:24
3 John Henry 2:42
4 Gypsy Davy 2:51
5 Worried Man Blues 3:03
6 More Pretty Girls Than One 2:18
7 Ain't Gonna Be Treated That Way 3:29
8 Rangers Command 2:55
9 Poor Boy 2:51
10 Lonesome Day 2:53
11 Pretty Boy Floyd 3:05
12 Hard, Ain't It Hard 2:43
13 Stackolee 2:43
14 Cumberland Gap 2:18
15 Old Time Religion 2:32
16 Sourwood Mountain 2:57
17 Long John 2:35
18 Lost John 4:06
19 Columbus Stockade 2:25
20 Bury Me Beneath The Willow 2:45

Woody Guthrie - The Early Years (feat. Cisco Houston & Sonny Terry)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

A great American folk recording. Do you have any more of Guthrie, Houston, Terry (and, of course, McGee)? Thanks so much for this and all the other fine music.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback. If i find some time i will do more Guthrie - and related - postings. Best wishes!

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