Samstag, 28. September 2013

The Last Poets - Same (1970)

If rap could be traced to one logical source point, this exceptional piece of vinyl would be it, without question. Though the strict adherence to syncopated rhythms and standard song structures are absent, all the elements that would later become the hallmarks of hip-hop by the early 1980s (and predictable fare by the 1990s) are here: vivid depictions of street level violence, vivid apocalyptic predictions of racial genocide. All that is missing are pointless party anthems. But running through all the songs on the Last Poets' debut is an urgent sense of the need for radical action in the nation as well as the black community.
In addition to railing against the injustices perpetrated by white America, the Poets' comment on the economic and social devastation of drugs ("Jones Comin' Down," "Two Little Boys"), complacency in urban families ("Wake Up Niggers," "When the Revolution Comes"), the emotional release of sex ("Black Thighs"), and the weight of oppression that leads to hopelessness ("Surprises"). At the same time, they warn of the dangers of half-hearted commitment to revolutionary change: "don't talk about revolution until you are ready to eat rats." In the same manner that Marvin Gaye's landmark album "What's Goin' On" depicted the problems that doomed black culture, the Last Poets are now seen by many as prophets. But also like Gaye, the realization that the problems depicted on "The Last Poets" are now much worse marks the record as an unheeded warning, far more than just a piece of Black Power kitsch.               

The Last Poets - Same (1970)
(320 kbps, front cover included)

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Floh De Cologne - Lucky Streik (1973)

"Lucky Streik" is a classic political "krautadelic" album released by Floh De Cologne in 1973 on the "Ohr" label.

Floh De Cologne were well-known for their humorous and satyrical approach (which gained them comparisons with other freak troupes like The Fugs or The Mothers Of Invention ). They deliver a freaky connection of agit-prop satira and madness with relentless no-barriers free jamming: Political agitation meets free-rock...

"Lucky Streik" was live recorded on 25.11.72 in the Stadthalle Gummersbach and remixed at Studio Dierks in Stommeln, Köln.


1. Countdown
2. Schön ist ein Jugendtraum
3. Sozialpartner Blues
4. Kalte Wut
5. Wenn ich einmal Reich bin
6. Die Wirtschaft ist jetzt in Gefahr
7. Der Imker
8. Deine Freiheit
9. Vergleiche
10. Der Löwenthaler
11. Was ein Kommunist trinken darf
12. Wenn es brennt
13. Freie Marktwirtschaft
14. Für die Zukunft sehen wir rot
15. Saurier
16. Wir sind millionenmal so stark

Gerd Wollschon - vocals, text
Dieter Klemm - vocals, percussion
Theo Konig - vocals, sax (tenor) clariner, flute
Markus Schmidt - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Dick Stadtler - bass, guitar, piano
Hansi Frank - vocals, drums

Floh De Cologne - Lucky Streik (1973)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

Freitag, 6. September 2013

VA - Wir singen zu den X. Weltfestspielen (Eterna, 1973)

It happened 40 years ago: The "X. Weltfestspiele der Jugend und Studenten" ("10th World Festival of Youth and Students") were held in "Berlin. Hauptstadt der DDR 28. Juli bis 5. August 1973" ('Berlin, the capital of the GDR', July 28 - August 5, 1973).

The "Time Magazine" wrote on

"The dull gray streets and squares of the most rigidly doctrinaire Soviet-bloc country in Europe last week looked more like Watkins Glen than East Berlin. Along broad Karl-Marx-Allee strolled long-haired young men and women from every continent, laughing and singing. In the big fountain on Alexanderplatz, young people waded, danced and kissed. Their joy was punctuated by the loud beat of dozens of rock combos and brass bands and the music of choral groups.

The occasion was the tenth World Youth Festival, a quadrennial gathering of the young sponsored by the Communist bloc. It attracted 25,000 leftist youths from 134 countries, including... "


1.OktoberklubSo wird es sein
2.OktoberklubWir treffen uns auf jeden Fall
3.Uwe Leo, Oktoberklub Und Studiochor-Gruppe BerlinFrieden, Freundschaft, Solidarität
Radio DDR-Jugendchor & Rundfunk-Blasorchester
Die junge Welt ist in Berlin zu Gast
5.Hermann HähnelEs geht um die Erde ein rotes Band
6.Jörn Fechner, Jugendchor Berlin mit InstrumentalgruppeWeltjugendlied
7.Hermann HähnelSolidaritätslied
Die Solidarität geht weiter
9.OktoberklubDu hast ja ein Ziel vor den Augen
10.Gerd Michaelis ChorWir sind dabei
11.OktoberklubSommer '73
12.Gerd Michaelis Chor, Oktoberklub, Gruppe SokWir sind überall
13.OktoberklubIst das klar
14.Klaus Renft ComboKetten werden knapper
15.Frank Schöbel & Uve Schikora & Seine GruppeWer die Erde liebt

VA - Wir singen zu den X. Weltjugendfestspielen
(ca. 192 kbps, cover art included)

Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

VA - None But The Righteous - Chess Gospel Greats 1

Chess Records was never particularly noted as a gospel label; it's probably better known for Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, etc. In the early 1950s, however, the company released more than its share of great gospel recordings, and this 18-track set stands as a testimony to some of the rawest ones that the label put out.

While big names like Aretha and Reverend C.L. Franklin, the Soul Stirrers, and the Original Five Blind Boys from Alabama are accounted for, the real gems come from lesser-known acts like the Meditation Singers, the Norfleet Brothers, the Bells of Joy, Sammy Bryant, Elder Beck, and the Southern Stars.

The best known of them all is the daughter of the preacher whose sermons were already being issued by the label and luckily they did not only record the sermons of that preacher but also some of the singing of his young teenage dauhter - Aretha Franklin. Her singing was just beginning to show the maturity that would make her "the Queen of Soul". On "Never grow old", perhaps her greatest early recording, you hear her unhurried approach driven by the claps and hollers of a responsive congregation as she sings of the joy of heaven, the "land where we never grow old." A marvelous set of raw gospel music that should be in everyone's collection.


01 Don’t You Want To Go [The Meditation Singers]
02 None But The Righteous [Norfleet Brothers]
03 Anyway You Bless Me Lord [Bells of Joy]
04 Never Grow Old [Aretha Franklin]
05 Oh What A Meeting [Soul Stirrers]
06 I’ve Been Weeping For A Mighty Long Time [Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi]
07 When My Time Comes [Rev. Alex Bradford]
08 Resting Easy [Soul Stirrers]
09 Two Wings [Rev. Utah Smith]
10 Your Mother Loves Her Children [Rev. C.L. Franklin]
11 Old Time Religion [The Violinaires]
13 Walk In The Light [Evangelist Singers of Alabama]
14 The Angels Keep Watching Over Me [Sammy Bryant]
15 Floods Of Joy [Windy City Four]
16 I’m Gonna Tell God [Elder Beck]
17 You’ve Got The Jordan To Cross [Martha Bass]
18 Don’t Give Up [Southern Stars]

VA - None But The Righteous - Chess Gospel Greats 1
(256 kbps, front cover included)