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Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Complete Soul Rebels - The Upsetter Record Shop - Part I

A bizarre title for a Bob Marley album, with a faintly eccentric sleevenote (see below) and track listing to boot. However, the music, basically the "Soul Rebels" LP remastered with the original two-track tape and with instrumental versions following each song, is unimpeachable, even if we´ve heard it all before. The running order is different from the original LP, and "Memphis", an instrumental track anyway, isn´t included. Tracks with different titles turn out to be nothing new, but collectors will not worry about it, being grateful instead for the few Marley tid-bits they are thrown, even if they are merely the backing tracks of songs they know and love.
From the original linernotes:

"The Upsetter Record Shop Part I contains eleven tracks and their instrumental versions, mostly recorded in 1969 with Glen Adams on keyboradds, Alva Lewis on guitar, the Barrett brothers in the rhythm section and Lee Perry at the mixing desk. Two tracks are sung by Peter Tosh.

The vocal tracks which form this first volume were on the original Jamaican album "Soul Rebels" and were produced by Lee Perry in the back of his Upsetter Record Shop. The first series, recorded between 1969 and 1970, mark a date in the history of reggae because it was a categorical break with the tradition of sixties ska and rock-steady: Perry shifted and transformed the old sound in give it more life and more sharpness, based on the Barrett brohters´ rhythm section and Glen Adams´ keyborads. The Wailers formation then invented the concept of the "Soul ManRebel" with the "Black Is Beautiful" slogan and began to claim their Afro-Caribbean pride to set themselves apart from the "rude boys" etc.
This period seemed to be relatively well-known to fans as a result of the various albums issued in England, but, by a stroke of exceptional good luck, "Upsetter Record Shop" brings together, for the first time, all the "Soul Rebel" instrumental versions, those famous B-sides of the Jamaican singles which were previously little know.
After "Soul Revolution", this virtually brings up to date almost all the famous 1969 sessions between the Upsetters, Lee Perry and the Wailers."

1Soul Rebels3:18
2Soul Rebels (Version)2:40
3No Water Can Quench My Thirst2:35
4No Water (Version)2:49
5Rebel Hop2:50
6Rebel Hop (Version)2:45
7No Sympathy2:50
8No Sympathy (Version)2:41
9It's All Right2:30
10It's All Right (Version)2:30
12Reaction (Version)3:31
13Corner Stone2:40
14Corner Stone (Version)2:22
15400 Years2:40
16400 Years (Version)2:41
17Make Up3:25
18Make Up (Version)3:11
19Try Me3:04
20Try Me (Version)3:02
21Soul Almighty3:25
22Soul Almighty (Version)3:18

Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Complete Soul Rebels - The Upsetter Record Shop - Part I
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

Is it possible to re-up this? I was ill with a respiratory illness when you posted it and by the tike I accessed Part I, it was no longer available on Zippyshare. If the link was removed for copyright reasons, I will wait until a future repost. However, if it expired because Zippy share's time limit expired then I would greatly appreciate it ,

I was fortunate enough to see Bob Marley, the Wailers, and the I-3s in 1973; however, I love the pre-Island recordings when Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston were still part of the group. The rough harmonies and solo efforts by each of the three, as well as the emulation of soul groups like the Imperials which were much more prominent in the early recordings, were great..

I hope that you and all of the audience for this blog have wonderful holidays. I can think of no better gift than music and your willingness to provide it year round makes every day that much better. .

zero hat gesagt…

Hope the link will work for a while...
Thanks a lot for your holiday wishes - all the best to you! It´s a pleasure to share music with interested and friendly people like you.

Wayne hat gesagt…

Any chance of getting Part 1 of the Bob Marley re-upped?

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