Freitag, 22. Juni 2018

Eulenspygel - Eulenspygel 2

"Eulenspygel 2" is a killer 70's underground recording. Released in 1971 and called "2" because the same band had already released an album under the name Royal Servants. 

When they decided to write the lyrics in German instead of English they thought they better change their band name to a German one as well. Some critics say that the album cover is one of the most tasteless ones .They actually pulled it off of the market after selling about 7,000 copies and put it back out minus the dead chick. 

The lyrics are very left wing and anti-war but also very "out there" at times. An excellent album!

1. Till 3:45
2. Son My (My Lay) 11:14
3. Konsumgewäsche 4:03
4. Staub Auf Deinem Haar 7:58
5. Die Wunde Bleibt 1:58
6. Das Lied Vom Ende (10:15)
    - Erstens
    - Alt
    - Jung Sein
    - Hastig Und Kaputt
    - Das Ende Vom Lied

Eulenspygel - Eulenspygel 2
(ca. 192 kbps, cover art included)

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