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The Fugs - Psychedelic Supermarket (Live Boston, 1968) - Tuli Kupferberg R.I.P.!

Sad news on

"Tuli Kupferberg, Poet, Great Songwriter, Spreader of Good Cheer, Celebrator of Personal Freedom, Great Story-Teller, Good Father and Husband, Lover of Beauty and Creativity— Marvelous Tuli, American Genius, has passed away in the hospital. The oi is oi-ing in the Great Oi!"

Rest in peace, Tuli!

To remember this far out artist, here´s an excellent recording of the Fugs concert in Boston, MA, 1968.

Thanks to the original uploader at, who wrote these words about The Fugs:

"In their day, these beatniks scuzz-rockers were far more threatening to moral standards than the Sex Pistols could ever have hoped to be.

FBI investigations, banned pretty much everywhere, attacked at live performances, the Fugs were singing, explicitly, about fucking, dope, pussy, Vietnam, pornography, communism while Lou Reed was still penning novelty ditties like "The Ostrich" and Johnny Rotten was still waiting for his balls to drop.

I just found this on a old CD, as a single wma file. I converted it using Audial Hub and AmadeusPro. In the archive you will also find the original wma file. I can't remember the source for it, but I think it is the sugarmegs site."


1st Set:
01. intro > tuning >
02. crystal liaison
03. sovereign rap
04. river of shit08
05. the garden is open
06. she got a bulltone clit
07. nothing -> zebra puke
08. supergirl

2nd Set:
09 slum goddess
10. war song
11. the fugs salvation radio program > my baby done left me
12. eat me, eat me
13. when a team slurps a team > radio hit > when a team loves a team
14. supergirl (2nd time)

The Fugs - Psychedelic Supermarket
(224 kbps, front cover included)

Here's Ben Sisario's fine obit in the New York Times:

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is it not possible to re-up this record?

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Sorry, i can´t find the album in my collection.

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