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Pete Seeger - God Bless The Grass (1966)

"God Bless The Grass", released in 1966, is one of Pete Seeger's strongest efforts for Columbia.

The focus of an environmental theme gives the quintessential troubadour rare inspiration. The songs create a statement about the beauty of nature and the foibles of petty politics. But the best thing about this work is it's a beautiful record, with fine songs and fine singing, that also makes you want to plant a tree and clean up a filthy river. It appeals to what is best in us, and that's pretty impressive.

The songs advocate awareness of the environment and appreciation for the splendor of nature. "My Dirty Stream" for example, supports an environmental organization Seeger formed in 1966 called Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (aka Great Hudson River Revival or Clearwater Festival) that sought to clean up the heavily polluted Hudson River. The liner notes include a message written by then Supreme Court Justice William Douglas.


A1 The Power And The Glory 2:28
A2 Pretty Saro 3:03
A3 70 Miles 2:22
A4 The Faucets Are Dripping 2:00
A5 Cement Octopus 2:21
A6 God Bless The Grass 2:00
A7 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood 4:00
A8 Coal Creek March 1:15
B1 The Girl I Left Behind 1:16
B2 I Have A Rabbit 1:56
B3 The People Are Scratching 3:38
B4 Coyote, My Little Brother 2:50
B5 Preserven El Parque Elysian 3:14
B6 My Dirty Streem 2:30
B7 Johnny Riley 0:52
B8 Barbara Allen 1:10
B9 From Way Up There 3:00
B10 My Land Is A Good Land 2:19
(plus three bonus tracks)

Pete Seeger - God Bless The Grass (1966)
(320 kbps, cover art incuded)

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