Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Telephone Lobi - Telephone Love - More Giants Of Danceband Highlife

Telephone Lobi is a compilation of 1960s Ghanaian danceband highlife released in 1995 by Original Music.

The Lobi, by the way, are an ethnic group who speak a language of the same name in Ghana. They’re known for fiercely resisting French colonialism back in the day… with poisoned arrows.

Ghanaian horn-band highlife of the 1950s and 1960s was one of the great african sounds of the last century. It had all the optimism and bounce of a time when political idependence or the prospect of it was energizing everybody and everything. It was hugely varied.

It was (in West African terms) international. It was mellow. It swung. It was full of fine soloists on say and trumpet and trumbone and guitar. And above all it was danceable to the max.

Telephone Love - Telephone Lobi - More Giants Of Danceband Highlife (192 kbps)

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