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The Ex - Dead Fish (1990)

The Ex are an anarchist band from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"Dead Fish" is a suite of songs about surviving in the rock'n'roll jungle, coughed up with an amount of bile only The Ex could summon. A direct attack on the commercialisation of indie music and the creaky industries that support its mass market consumption. The Ex are still committed naturals in an over exposed and hyped arena.

"Dead Fish" was recorded at KGM Studio, Wakefield, England, and was released as a 10" EP in June 1990. It was produced by Jon Langford with Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), Luc (bass) and Katrin (drums).


01. Dead Fish
02. Blah Blah
03. White Liberals
04. Elvis + I
05. No More Cigars
06. Mousetrap
07. Get Your Share

The Ex - Dead Fish (1990)
(192 kbps, no cover art included)

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