Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

"Fragt uns, wir sind die letzten" - "Ask us, we are the last" - Interviews with victims of the fascist regime

This weekend the annual Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht demonstration, initiated in the German Democratic Republic and continued in today’s conditions takes place on Sunday 15 January 2012, 10 am at Berlin Friedrichshain.

The demonstration commemorates the murder of the two leaders of the German workers movement by reactionary Freikorps on the orders of the Social Democrat minister Friedrich Ebert.

This gives cause for sharing "Ask us, we are the last, Vol. 1 & 2" - two booklets with memories of victims of the fascist regime and people form the anti-fascist resistance.
These memories are an important counterweight to prevailing images of history and also to those "Zeitzeugen" who apparently knew of nothing - especially not by their own fault.

These interviews are based not so much of a scientific, supposedly objective approach to history, but rather a personal one. How did people experience persecution and / or resistance? What lessons they drew from it? What were (and are) their motivation to engage against fascist ideology?

In a few years there will be no more possibilities of meeting people from persecution and resistance, The more urgent it is to get into conversation with those people to preserve their knowledge and make it available to the public. These booklets can´t replace historical scientific work or even a theoretical discussion. But they can make visible these marginalized perspectives that these perspectives.

"Fragt uns, wir sind die letzten - Ask us, we are the last"
(2 pdf booklets, german language)

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