Montag, 8. August 2016

King Tubbys, Prince Jammy´s, Scientist - Dubwise Revolution

King Tubby is to this day synonymous with dub. He was a man who had a passion for fiddling with sound equipment, and turned that passion into a new musical genre and a veritable art form. He may have started his career as a repairman, but before he was done, his name was one of the most respected around the world. He worked with virtually every artist in Jamaica, and his name on a remix was like gold, a seal of quality that was never questioned.

A member of dub's royal family, Lloyd James (aka Prince Jammy, aka King Jammy) began his career as an apprentice mixer under the late great King Tubby.

Scientist was an employee of Tubby's, fixing transformers and televisions, when one day, after an animated conversation about mixing records, Tubby challenged the Scientist to take a shot at remixing a record.

Guess "Dubwise Revolution" is a 1970s dub album, produced by Prince Jammy and mixed by Scientist nd King Tubby.


Come Dub
Iniquity Dub
Just One Dub
Late Night Dub
Ants Nest
Holy Dub
Crisp Dub
Echo Chamber
Better Must Dub
Big Dub
Vanity Dub
Bell The Cat Dub
Rock A Dub
Play On Dub

King Tubbys, Prince Jammys, Scientist - Dubwise Revolution
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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