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Floh de Cologne - Profitgeier (Amiga, 1972)

In 1971 the polit rock band Floh de Cologne created the first German-language rock opera called "Profitgeier", an aggressive concept album criticizing exploitation and capitalism. Sometimes Floh de Cologne - an essential part of the left political scene in the BRD in the 1970s - were compared with the wonderful Fugs.

Their rather simple music and their lyrics - strongly influenced by the jargon of the DKP, the german communist party, formed in 1968 by former KPD functionaries in close cooperation with the East Germany's ruling party, the Socialist Unity Party (SED), from which the DKP received both political directives and most of its funds - have an out-dated effect for todays listeners. The theory of Karl Marx and his analysis of the capitalist system were the basis for their reflections about contemporary life. Even if this seems sometimes one-dimensional, the essence of their lyrics is up to date in the present conflicts and the crisis of the capitalist system.

Here´s a fine example of their dialectic lyrics:
"Der Unternehmer heißt Unternehmer, weil er etwas unternimmt.
Der Arbeiter heißt Arbeiter, weil er arbeitet.
Würden die Arbeiter was unternehmen, müssten die Unternehmer arbeiten."

The GDR cultural administration supported Floh de Cologne. They arranged live performances at the "Festival des politischen Liedes" and at the "X. Weltjugendfestspiele" in 1973. The label Amiga released "Profitgeier" in 1972 as a licence album from the Pläne label.

(192 kbps, front cover included)

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