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Violeta Parra - Las Ultimas Composiciones (1966)

Violeta Parra was an amazing woman who nearly single-handedly launched a revolution in music, art and culture in Chile... and went on to inspire a political revolution as well. This album captures some of her last works. Bittersweet, sometimes angry, sometimes sorrowful, but alway masterful, it captures her sentiment not long before she committed suicide. This is a must-have for folk music lovers, Canciones Nuevas lovers, and lovers of political music. Victor Jara, Isabel and Angel Parra, Inti-Illimani, Rolando Alarcon, Quilapayun and many others owe Violeta so much. Listen and know why.

"Las Ultimas Composiciones" is an excellent collection of 14 songs ranging from sweet lyricism to driving resistance. It is the last recording issued in her lifetime and many of the songs include accompaniment by Alberto Zapican and Violeta's children, Isabel and Angel Parra. The version here of "Gracias a la Vida" is especially haunting.

Gracias A La Vida - Canción
El "Albertio" - Rin, Danza
Cantores Que Reflexionan - Refalosa
Pupila De Aguila - Huayno
Run Run Se Fue Pa'l Norte - Canción
Maldigo Del Alto Cielo - Sirilla Canción
La Cueca De Los Poetas - Cueca
Mazurquica Modernica - Mazurka
Volver A Los 17 - Sirilla Canción
Rin Del Angelito - Rin Danza
Una Copla Me Ha Cantado - Lamento
El Guillatun - Danza Estilo Araucano
Pastelero A Tus Pasteles - Cueca
De Cuerpo Entero - Cueca

Violeta Parra - Las Ultimas Composiciones (1966)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Link expired :( Any chance you could re-upload this amazing material, please? Thanks!

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Now there´s a fresh link. Best wishes!

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Thats beautiful. Thanks for posting it. I know what i'll be listening to for the next few weeks.

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Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoy the music!

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hope you can re-up this one. thanks

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