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Victor Jara - Canciones Póstumas - Chile Septiembre 1973 (1975)

The brief "Canciones Postumas" collection gathers six late songs of Victor Jara, whose tragic death in 1973, following the overthrow of Salvador Allende's government in Chile, robbed the world of a remarkable and humane voice for freedom.

One of Jara's most striking songs, "Manisfesto," recorded just days before his death, and obviously intended to be a summing up of his work, is included here, along with homages to the singer by M.A. Cherubito and J.A. Labordeta.

A1 Victor Jara – Manifiesto
A2 Victor Jara – Caicaivilú
A3 Victor Jara – Cuando Voy Al Trabajo
A4 Eulogio Dávalos And Miguel Angel Cherubito – Homenaje A Víctor Jara
B1 Victor Jara – Aquí Me Quedo
B2 Victor Jara – Doncella Encantada
B3 Victor Jara – Pimiento
B4 José Antonio Labordeta – Homenaje A Víctor Jara

Victor Jara - Canciones Postumas - Chile Septiembre 1973 (1975)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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