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Victor Jara ‎– Canto Por Travesura - Die Betschwester und andere frivole Gesänge (Pläne,1980)

"Canto Por Travesura" was originally prepared to release  in Chile in September 1973. The military coup stopped the release and only a few copies of the original release reached the audience. In 1976 and 1978 several labels published this album in Spain and Italy.

The german Pläne label published a re-release as "Betschwestern und andere frivole Gesänge" in the year 1980, even translating the song titels.

The album is a collection of southern Chilean folk songs with a consistent thematic style popular in Chilean folklore - the mocking of social norms with mischievous jokes, riddles and dark humor.
True to the title ("travesura" translates roughly as "prank") and the cover drawing of a cat pulling up the curtain on an old hag in déshabillé, "Canto Por Travesura" is largely comprised of light material from Victor Jara. Every selection but one is a traditional song given a new arrangement by Jara. Songs like "La Palmatoria," "Iba Yo Para una Fiesta," and "La Diuca" aren't powerhouses, but they have the simple grace that pervades all of Jara's recordings.     


A1 Brindis / Trinkspruch
A2 La Palmatoria / Der Kerzenhalter
A3 Vengan A Mi Casamiento / Kommt Zu Meiner Hochzeit
A4 La Fonda / Die Kneipe
A5 La Edad De La Mujer / Das Alter Der Frau
A6 La Cafetera / Die Kaffeekanne

B1 La Diuca / Das Vögelchen                                                                 
B2 Iba Yo Para Una Fiesta / Ich Ging Zu Einem Fest
B3 Por Un Pito Ruin / Egen Einer Schäbigen Trillerpfeife
B4 La Beata / Die Betschwester
B5 Adivinanzas / Rätsel
B6 El Chincolito / Der Kleine Spatz
Victor Jara - Canto Por Travesura - Die Betschwestern und andere frivole Gesänge (Pläne)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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