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Weavers - Travelling On With The Weavers (1959)

"Traveling on With the Weavers" was recorded during a transitional time when Erik Darling was taking the place of longtime member Pete Seeger. Five of the album's 16 tracks feature Seeger and, tellingly, four of those were the only cuts from the album to be included on the 1987 anthology "The Weavers Classics".

It is tempting to compare Seeger and Darling, but suffice it to say that Seeger's presence is strongly felt where he appears, and his songs are the standouts on the album. "Old Riley" is a variation of Grandpa Jones' signature song "Old Rattler," and "Gotta Travel On" is a variation of the song with which Billy Grammer enjoyed a hit in 1959.

The Weavers go ethnic on side two, where the first four cuts are sung in foreign languages and nearly half of the songs overall are folk standards that would shortly become ubiquitous on commercial folk albums by the Kingston Trio and their imitators. The album is a tentative step in that Darling was only beginning to find his way as a Weaver, but the group's sound and approach is so consistent that casual listeners might not notice that anything unusual is afoot.    

A1 Twelve Gates To The City
A2 Erie Canal
A3 I Never Will Marry
A4 Old Riley
A5 Sinner Man
A6 House Of The Rising Sun
A7 The Keeper
A8 You Made Me A Pallet On The Floor
B1 Mi Caballo
B2 Kumbaya
B3 Hopsha-Diri
B4 Si Mi Quieres
B5 State Of Arkansas
B6 Greenland Whale Fisheries
B7 Eddystone Light
B8 Gotta Travel On

The Weavers - Travelling On With The Weavers (1959)
(256 kbps, cover art included)         

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