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Milva - Singt Brecht (ETERNA, 1982)

Singer and actress Milva reigned for decades among the most popular and far-ranging performers in her native Italy. Born Maria Ilva Biolcati in Goro on July 17, 1939, at 20 she beat out more than 7,000 rivals to claim top honors in an influential talent showcase, and in 1960 cut her debut single, a cover of Édith Piaf's "Milord."

In 1961 Milva earned third place at the influential San Remo Music Festival. A year later she came in second and returned to the competition often in the years to follow despite never earning first prize. In 1962 Milva headlined Paris' legendary Olympia Theatre, performing a set of Piaf songs to rapturous reception.

Soon after, she befriended actor and director Giorgo Strehler, who nurtured her interest in musical theater and encouraged the expansion of her repertoire, recommending works spanning from the Italian resistance movement to Bertold Brecht. Milva would become the first actress outside of Germany to prove successful in Brecht adaptations.

This is a compilation with songs by Bertolt Brecht, released in the GDR on the ETERNA label. It features recordings in Italian language.


A1 - Jenny Dei Pirati = Seeräuber-Jenny (4:45)
A2 - Barbara-Song (5:10)
A3 - Ballata Della Schiavitù Sessuale = Ballade Von Der Sexuellen Hörigkeit (2:40)
A4 - Surabaya-Jonny (4:40)
A5 - Nel Letto In Cui Siamo Staremo = Wie Man Sich Bettet, So Liegt Man (3:30)
A6 - Ballata Di Maria Sanders = Ballade Von Der Judenhure Marie Sanders (3:05)
B7 - La Leggenda Del Soldato Morto = Legende Vom Toten Soldaten (4:30)
B8 - Sotto Le Querce Di Potsdam = Zu Potsdam Unter Den Eichen (2:20)
B9 - La Canzone Del Bene Stare Al Mondo = Ballade Von Der Billigung Der Welt (3:45)
B10 - Tutti O Nessuno = Keiner Oder Alle (Sklave, Wer Wird Dich Befreien) (1:35)
B11 - Se Fondata È Questa Mahagonny = Gründung Der Stadt Mahagonny (0:55)
B12 - Moon Of Alabama = Alabama-Song (2:45)
B13 - Havanna-Song (Ach, Bedenken Sie, Herr Jakob Schmidt) (1:50)
B14 - La Canzone Della Moldava = Lied Von Der Moldau (2:05)
B15 - Un Cavallo Si Lamenta = Ein Pferd Klagt An (O Falladah, Die Du Hangest !) (4:45)

Tracks B7 to B15: Live-Aufnahme der Aufführung des Piccolo Teatro Mailand 15. und 16. März 1975.
Tracks A1 to A3: aus „Die Dreigroschenoper“
Track A4: aus „Happy End“
Tracks A5, B11 to B13: aus „Der Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny“
Track B8: aus „Berliner Requiem“
Track B14: aus „Schweyk Im Zweiten Weltkrieg“

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Grazie mille, genosse!

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You are welcome, comrade!

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Wow, lovely post, thank you! I saw her live back in the 80s and I was stunned: what a voice, what a stage command!

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I also had the chance to see her live in these times - it was wonderful. Stay safe!

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