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Hazel O´Connor - See The Writing On The Wall

Hazel O´Connor  shot to fame in the role of Kate in the cult film "Breaking Glass". The first female in history to play the lead role as well as writing and performing a films soundtrack. With the planetary hit singles and albums that followed, this multi-faceted artist proved to be a rare diamond that rose like a phoenix from the shards of quartz. Her career has had highs as there have been lows, but with numerous acting roles and an extensive discography firmly under her brown karate belt, she has hung in there with a beautiful perseverance to prove, time after time, that she is a true survivor. Always on the move and constantly pushing boundaries, her true home is the stage. Equally at ease whether singing to thousands with the full-blown rock sound, up close and personal with intimate acoustic concerts, or jazzing it up in her latest musical combo, she always performs with gusto and delivers a perfect cocktail of sensibility and emotion that touches the soul.

"See the Writing on the Wall" is a compilation of Hazel O'Connor's recordings for Albion Records. With the exception of a remixed version of "Writing on the Wall," none of the hits from O'Connor's best known work, the flawed, but nonetheless stunning, "Breaking Glass", appear. Even so, this compilation provides an adequate representation of O'Connor's early works. Selecting the best performances from her two Albion-released albums, plus a host of B-sides and alternate versions to entice fans, this album shows how compelling an artist O'Connor can be.


1. Writing on the Wall 03:10
2. Suffragette City 03:53
3. Ee-i-addio 03:37
4. Decadent Days 02:51
5. Sons and Lovers 04:41
6. Do What You Gotta Do 03:41
7. Hold On (12 Inch Mix) 04:22
8. White Room 02:57
9. Cover Plus (We're All Grown Up) 03:42
10. Animal Farm (We Will Be Happy) 04:03
11. Zoo Time Is Free (12 Inch Mix) 08:06
12. Time (Ain't on Our Side) 03:21
13. Gigolo 02:45
14. Hanging Around 04:13
15. Dawn Chorus (Frenh Version) 04:04
16. That's Life (French Version) 04:29

Hazel O´Conner - See The Writing On The Wall
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

"Breaking Glass" is from 1980. Hazel O'Connor's soundtrack is simply good music of that time, not too experimental, not just B-side quality either. Thanks for this compilation!

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zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback. All the best!

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