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Dave Van Ronk - Sunday Street (1976)

This album, originally released in 1976, may or may not be, as annotator (and former Dave Van Ronk guitar student) Elijah Wald claims, "Dave's greatest single album" (frankly, Van Ronk has made so many albums for so many fly-by-night labels that it is hard to endorse so sweeping a statement), but it is certainly a very good one.

Van Ronk had made various efforts in recent years to accommodate pop and rock music on his albums, but this one was a return to his usual repertoire of folk-blues tunes and jazz and ragtime transcriptions for guitar, with one Joni Mitchell song ("That Song About the Midway") and an original, the title song, thrown in.

And it was a solo album on which Van Ronk sang and accompanied himself on acoustic guitar. Thus, it approximated what a good set in a club by this artist would sound like, minus the singer's witticisms, of course. Van Ronk never hid his influences, but he never sounded exactly like them, either, and on this album he was very much himself. Maybe it is his greatest single album; it is certainly one of his most representative.  

A1 Sunday Street 3:27
A2 Jesus Met The Woman At The Well 5:34
A3 Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning 3:51
A4 Maple Leaf Rag 3:59
A5 Down South Blues 4:35
B1 Jivin' Man Blues 3:03
B2 That Song About The Midway 3:33
B3 The Pearls 4:29
B4 That'll Never Happen No More 3:48
B5 Mamie's Blues 4:19
B6 Would You Like To Swing On A Star? 2:38

Dave Van Ronk - Sunday Street (1976)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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