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Richie Havens - Stonehenge (1970)

Stonehenge is the 1970 album by folk rock musician Richie Havens.

More production that usual for this American Folk music "treasure" - I surmise Richie Havens himself wouldn't be comfortable with that tried but true (pause) cliche, but this trove has it all: some of his most melodic and personal statements, all completely believable: "Open Our Eyes", "Ring Around The Moon", "There's A Hole In The Future", among others here have an inescapable pull, resonant now for four decades.

His world view is universal, if you will, and the final, the long (for its' time) at 7:58 "Shouldn't All The World Be Dancing?", is a sentiment which critics could make careers at, by mocking the song title as naive and tired, but Havens makes it a near-desperate plea for understanding and unity. Different voices weave in and out of the kaleidoscope, and it may be considered a modified rapp.
Havens, along with Mitchell, and Safa, represents the very best of that Monterey-to-Woodstock era. Although this '70 work follows that period, there is no sense of resignation in any track. In any note.


"Open Our Eyes" (Leon Lumpkins) – 2:56
"Minstrel from Gault" (Havens, Mark Roth) – 3:35
"It Could Be the First Day" - 2:22
"Ring Around the Moon" (Greg Brown, Havens) - 2:08
"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Bob Dylan) - 5:01
"There's a Hole in the Future" - 2:07
"I Started a Joke" (Barry Gibb) - 2:58
"Prayer" - 2:56
"Tiny Little Blues" - 2:08
"Shouldn't All the World Be Dancing?" - 8:04

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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