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VA - The Yiddish Dream: A Heritage Of Jewish Song

Double album on Vanguard, orchestras conducted by Abraham Ellstein, Gershon Kingsley, Robert DeCormier, Vladimir Golschmann.

"Of all the many collections of Yiddish music I've heard, this one is by far my favorite. Sung by some of the greatest artists that have graced this earth, the choice of songs is also wonderful, with many of the most beautiful melodies of the genre, all on one CD.
The artists:
The superb Jan Peerce sings on 8 tracks: The glorious "Vu is dus Gesele" and "Tog Ein, Tog Eis" ("Sunrise, Sunset" from "Fiddler on the Roof"), among them.
Natania Davrath, who's heavenly voice defies description, sings on 5 extraordinary tracks. Her interpretation of "Rozhinkes mit Mandlen" is sublime. Your heart will melt with the sound of her voice.
Leon Lishner, who might be remembered as one of the 3 kings in "Amahl and the Night Visitors", sings on 4, with a solo piano accompaniment by Lazar Weiner. His smooth bass voice is marvelous, and very moving.
The versatile Martha Schlamme sings 3. "Margaritkelech" is a delight.
Herschel Bernardi sings 2, and these are live recordings, full of joy and energy.
The legendary Shoshana Damari sings the lovely "Yome, Yome".
The booklet insert, though without lyrics, has the history and meaning of each song, and a brief bio of the artists. Recorded between 1960 and 1967, the digital transfer to CD is excellent, and with a total time of 76:51, you get a lot for the price.
If you like Yiddish music, this one's a must, to own and to treasure." - Alejandra Vernon

"This collection is a sheer joy to anyone who loves 19th and 20th century Yiddish music. Lovely, familiar melodies beautifully rendered by real "pro's" for whom these songs are second nature. Listen and enjoy! You'll probably sing along with the recording." - R. Berger


Side One
  • 1. Vu Is Dus Gesele (Where Is The Little Street) - Jan Peerce
  • 2. Sha, Shtil (Hush, Quiet) - Jan Peerce
  • 3. Yome, Yome - Shoshana Damari
  • 4. Mein Ruheplatz (My Resting Place) - Leon Lishner
  • 5. Chiri Bim - Herschel Bernardi
  • 6. Tumbalalaika - Herschel Bernardi

Side Two

  • 7. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen IRaisins With Almonds) - Netania Davrath
  • 8. Der Rebbe elimelech (The Rabbi Elimelech) - Jan Peerce
  • 9. Zog Maran (Tell Me, Marano) - Leon Lishner
  • 10. Reizele - Netania Davarth
  • 11. Lomir Sich IBerbeten (Let's Patch Things Up) - Martha Schlamme
  • 12. Partizaner (Partisan Song Of The Warsaw Ghetto) - Jan Peerce

Side Three

  • 1. Tog Ein, Tog Eis (Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on The Roof) - Jan Peerce
  • 2. A Volechel (A Dance) - Leon Lishner
  • 3. Margaritkelech (Looking For Dasies) - Martha Schlamme
  • 4. A Dudele (A Song About Thee) - Netania Davrath
  • 5. Die Frosh (The Frog) - Leon Lishner
  • 6. Tumba Tumba - Martha Schlamme
  • 7. Chasseneh Valtz (Anniversary Waltz) - Jan Peerce

Side Four

  • 8. Unzer Nigundl (Our Little Song) - Netania Davrath
  • 9. Oif'n Pripetchok (Sitting On The Shelf Above The Stove) - Jan Peerce
  • 10. Viglied (Sleep My Child) - Leon Lishner
  • 11. Chassidic Melody - Netania Davrath
  • 12. S'Loifn S'Yugn Schwartze Wolkns (Black Clouds Are Chasing Each Other) - Martha Schlamme *
  • 13. Ven Ich Bin A Rothschild (If I Were A Rich Man, from Fiddler On The Roof) - Jan Peerce

VA - The Yiddish Dream - A Heritage Of Jewish Song
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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I love this kind of thing - thanks a lot.

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You are welcome!

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Thank you for this wonderful compilation and, too, for presenting so much Yiddish and other Jewish music.

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Glad you like that music, best wishes!

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Reupload please!

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