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Lee Perry - Megaton Dub Vol. 2 (1984)

Opinions (mine included) run hot and cold over this hard-to-find two volume set of Scratch dub. I don't think it is as excellent and crucial as many of its supporters claim, nor do I think it's as awful as its detractors insist. File it under odd and occasionally wonderful (but, ultimately not essential), especially if you like your Perry mix so loaded with echo it sounds as if it was recorded in a canyon. Extremely difficult to find.     -

More near nuclear versions, recorded at Black Ark Studio, Kingston, Jamaica. Maybe one should have no fear of atomic energy but this second round of word sound power plants deserve maximum respect. Upsetter at the apogee.
A1Traveling In Dub
A2Fisherman Dub
A3Zion In Dub
A4Groovy Dub
B1Dub Crisis
B2Green Bay Killing
B3Big Neck Dub
B4Living In Dub

Lee Perry - Megaton Dub Vol. 2
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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