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VA - Yelé Brazil

Though not quite as expansive as "The Rough Guide to the Music of Brazil" or the four-CD "Brasil: A Century of Song" boxed set, this 16-track compilation provides a wonderful introduction to the vibrant musical cultural of Brazil, where music is an integral entity that permeates nearly every aspect of daily life.

Ara Ketu, who presents three tracks here, is representative of how seamlessly African musical traditions were integrated into the Brazilian sound, with complex syncopated percussion worked into an accessible pop sound that combines elements of African soukous and Brazilian samba. Paralamas, a Rio-based group who contributes two songs here, craftily combines Brazilian rhythms with the visceral energy of Two-Tone ska, the end result sounding a bit like a South American version of General Public. With a number of other standout tracks from diverse artists like samba/reggae fusionists Banda Reflexu and traditional drummer Dorival Caymmi, "Yele Brazil" makes a fine starting point for your Brazilian music immersion.   


       1. Yele Congo - Ara Ketu
2. Coche Viejo - Paralamas
3. Venha Me Amar - Sarajane
4. Kizomba, Festa Da Raca - Banda Reflexu's
5. Emabla Eu - Clementina & Clara Nunes
6. Volte Para O Seu Lar - Marisa Monte
7. Felicidade - Ara Kefu
8. Epilogo - Geronimo
9. Jogo De Angola - Clara Nunes
10. Segura Este Samba - Umbada
11. De Onde Eu Vim - Geronimo
12. Negro Laranja - Banda Reflexu's
13. Alagados - Paralamas
14. Canto De Nana - Dorival Caymmi
15. Toque E. Seducao - Ara Kefu
16. Canto Da Cor - Banda Reflexu's
VA - Yelé Brazil
(256 kbps, cover art included)      

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