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Dog Faced Hermans - Hum Of Life (1993)

The Dog Faced Hermans were a four-piece band whose style could be described as anarcho-punk incorporating folk and noise influences as well as unorthodox instrumentation.

Dog Faced Hermans formed by previous members of Volunteer Slavery in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1986, but later moved to Amsterdam. The band was closely associated with The Ex, and this resulted in a joint tour of Europe, a split cassette and "Stonestamper's Song", a collaborative single released under the name Ex Faced Hermans.
They disbanded in 1995, with members of the band moving on to other notable projects including the Canadian ensemble Rhythm Activism, and Holland's The Ex, with whom they collaborated and were closely affiliated and in whom guitarist Andy Moor has been a member since 1990. Drummer Wilf Plum now plays with Two Pin Din and "Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp".

Though this album suffers a little from the lo-fi recording quality, the sound of this exceptional experimental rock/post-punk unit can miraculously transcend the misgivings of poor recording quality with pure energy and high innovation. As far as inventive post-punk groups go, Dog Faced Hermans are certainly on a par with the Ex and early Sonic Youth and remain criminally overlooked in the scheme of '80s post-punk. This release is not as strong as the jaw-dropping masterpiece "Those Deep Buds", but is still a phenomenal display of inventive post-punk which draws on folk, free improvisation, and sound of Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band circa "Doc at the Radar Station". If one can imagine that group fronted by Sandy Denny, that could be a good analogy for this sound.                

A1Jan 9
A3The Hook And The Wire
A4How We Connect
A5Love Split With Blood
B1White Indians
B2Hear The Dogs
B3Love Is The Heart Of Everything
B4Madame La Mer
B5Peace Warriors

Dog Faced Hermans - Hum Of Life (1993)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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