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VA - 1962 - Chants De La Revolution Cubaine

Fidel Castro, Cuba's leader of revolution, died today at 90. More than half a century ago, his guerrilla army of “bearded ones” replaced Fulgencio Batista’s corrupt dictatorship with communist rule which challenged the US and turned the island into a cold-war crucible.
He fended off a CIA-backed invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 as well as many assassination attempts. His alliance with Moscow helped trigger the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, a 13-day showdown with the US that brought the world closer to the brink of nuclear war than it has ever been.

He first tried to overthrow General Batista in 1953, was imprisoned, exiled to Mexico, and then returned in 1956. He succeeded on January 1, 1959 and has dominated Cuba ever since – surviving 638 documented attempts by the CIA to kill him, and living through ten US presidencies.

Resigning due to ill health in February 2008, Castro handed over to his brother Raul and is now rarely seen in public. But he continues to loom large in Cuba - writing regular columns for Granma, the Communist Party newspaper, and meet visiting dignitaries.

"Chants De La Revolution Cubaine" collects some historic recordings relatetd to the revolution in Cuba in 1959.


  • 1. - Fidel Est Arrivé [Rolando La Serie Y Et Son Orchestre] - 2:57"
  • 2. - Partisans [Choeurs De Révolutionnaires Cubains] - 2:10"
  • 3. - Vive La Revolution [Raúl Luzardo Et Le Trio Los Titanes] - 3:11"
  • 4. - Sierra Maestra [Daniel Santos Et Son Ensemble] - 3:37"
  • 5. - Parlons De La Revolution [Celina Et Reutillo] - 3:08"
  • 6. - Les "Barbudos" [Orchestre Fajardos] - 2:30"
  • 7. - Au Commandant Camacho [Los Yayaberos] - 3:07"
  • 8. - Hymne De La Milice [Fanfarre De L'armée Rebelle] - 2:30"

VA - 1962 - Chants De La Revolution Cubaine
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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erasmus hat gesagt…

the man was evil. period. he lived far beyond the number of years that he deserved. finally, good riddance. may his many victims find solace.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hasta siempre Fidel. He stood up to the US global bully who had turned Cuba into it's private brothel/casino run by gangsters and racketeers. He stod up to apartheid expansionism in southern africa. He was stubborn and proud, sometimes to a fault. But he was cut from a finer cloth than those who stand idly by and try to depict him as a figure of evil. Hasta siempre Fidel

Anonym hat gesagt…

Apart from his dreadful homophobia, which I can't forgive, ever, he was an extraordinary man of conviction and courage. The USA was never going to allow his amazing people's revolution to succeed so it spent 50+ years trying to strangle Cuba using methods legal and illegal. Don't blame Fidel for America's actions. He died peacefully. R.I.P.

Anonym hat gesagt…

@ erasmus:

(i posted this rant already at twilightzone)

before the barbudos kicked batista's arse, cuba was in total one big mafia brothel and cheapo las vegas with much appreciation by the oh so democratic yankee bastards. in those times noone lost a single word about the fact, that the battista clan literally enslaved the countryside people and kept them starving and in total poverty. most of those, who fled to miami were the profiteurs of that big brothel- capitalists and mafia bastards. that is the main reason, why the usa didn't hesitate to show castro the door when he looked for help and drove him with pig bay and similar shit right into the hands of nikita c.- what happened then, you can read in every history book. castro wasn't a communist from the start, but they didn't leave him a choice.

if there's something that let people live in poverty the last 50 years, then it is the fucking embargo by the yanks and cuba's refusal to become a part of the warsaw pact. but at least nobody starved to death any more, analphabetism was completely extincted and a healthcare system was invented which is literally the best on earth- btw. have a closer look at the democratic usa in hindsight of all those things.

the yankees in coop with the mafia tried more than 20 times in vain to assassinate castro and still i could see with my very own eyes raul castro been driven through havanna by car with absolutely no security staff around him. please show me a single country of the oh so democratic ones where this can happen without a lynchmob instantly killing our corrupt leader bastards of the free west.

btw. there is still a "free" spot on cuba which is occupied by the glorious us of a: it's called guantanamo bay...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Yes. Thankyou anonymous 3. History is already absolving Fidel. Gracias Fidel.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot to Anonymous 3 for bringing up some more information about the background and the historic circumstances - it´s good to have readers like you. Best wishes!

Anonym hat gesagt…

you're welcome, comrade zero. i love your blog, because you're posting way more political stuff than any other of the music blogs on earth and i feel that to do it is becoming more and more important in these times, when people become are alarmingly and increasinging less poltical. and those who start to think politically tend to follow right wing populist rat catchers like "a.fucking.d." and other wannabe nazi bastards.
btw.: i'm the old kreuzberg anarchist punk, who asked for more stuff like utah phillips. i'm feeleing a bit ashamed that i- as a convinced anarchist- have to defend communists like fidel- i got quite a few critic points about him and cuba- while it should better be done by some commies. but where t.f. are they now?

up the revolution and my dearest regards.

Anonym hat gesagt…

me again:

sorry for my horrible english this time- i wrote the last lines down in quite a rage without reading it again for mistakes...

sfay hat gesagt…

"He died peacefully. R.I.P."

And very wealthily, I expect. He probably sexually exploited children and made snuff films too but at least he wasn't a Nazi.


zero hat gesagt…

Dear "old kreuzberg anarchist punk", thanks a lot for your feedback - i really agree!

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