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39 Clocks - 13 More Protest Songs (1987)

The 39 Clocks were a Psychedelic group from Hannover, Germany. The band was formed in 1977 under the name Killing Rats, split after an appearance at "Psychotic Splash Festival" in Hannover (18 June 1983) and was briefly reformed for a comeback album in 1987.    

The first public appearance pairing Christian Henjes and Juergen Gleue (inspired by and with names derived from LSD-25, they would become CH-39 and JG-39) was in 1976, at the Dada Nova (a space occupied by Otto Mühl’s AAO commune) in midtown Hannover, Germany. Dada Nova would be a space of enduring clash. From the subtlety of a shat upon organ to the ejection from communal meetings by bodily force, the AAO would display that the presence of the 39 Clocks was one of their constant grief.

Known for pranksterism and the destruction of the clubs in which they would perform, friction in every form would continually follow the band. In 1979 they were thrown out of a show in Kassel at Dokumenta (their sounds had disturbed Joseph Beuys). They created an outrage (they wrote a tune with the title “Art Minus Idiots”) at the Filmtage Hannover with their avant-garde Super 8 movies made under the disguise of director Zachius Lipschitz. Rumour claims that at a Hannover show at the Cafe Glocksee, they played the vacuum cleaner and a circular saw instead of guitars, and there was even a knife throwing incident in Bremen              

This album was recorded in 1987 in Ilten, Germany. It is dedicated to Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, Reg Presley, Chet Baker, Jack Grunsky and Ilona Staller.           


Eternal Yesterdays2:40
What Never Happened4:10
Eve Of Destruction2:50
You Can't Count The Bombs (It's Zero)3:41
But You Know7:08
Mr. Diamond3:06
My Tears Will Drown The World2:42
Il Ne Porte Pas Ses Nylons Négligés4:28
Shake Ghaddafi's Blues4:30
I'm Not Alone Without You (Ce N'est Pas Pervers)1:50
(They Don't Dance Much) The Violent Ones4:51

39 Clocks - 13 More Protest Songs
(ca. 192 kbps, cover art included)

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