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James Booker - Junco Partner (1976)

This solo disc by arguably the most brilliant of New Orleans' resplendent pianists shows off all the edge and genius he possessed. There may be moments on other discs of slightly more inspired playing (and this is arguable), but for a whole disc this one stands far from the crowd. You can hear some of the most awe-inspiring playing here that reflects the extremely broad background that he could, and did, draw from.

You can hear his classical training and the brilliance of his interpretive skills in "Black Minute Waltz." He follows this with a version of Leadbelly's "Good Night Irene," which shows off his raucous bordello style of playing and voice. The disc goes on showing off the eclectic variety of influences that make up this man's music.

This disc also displays the man's prodigious composing and arranging talents. Though he was regarded as eccentric and crazy, even by New Orleans' accepting standards (he was a flamboyant, black substance abuser, and a homosexual, who spent time both in Angola State Prison and a mental institution), he was considered a musical genius and thus given a certain amount of leeway.

An absolute must if you like New Orleans music.      


01. Black Minute Waltz
02. Good Night Irene
03. Pixie
04. On The Sunny Side of the Street
05. Make a Better World
06. Junco Partner
07. Put Out the Lights
08. Medley
09. Pop´s Dilemma
10. I´ll Be Seeing You

James Booker - Junco Partner (1976)     
(256 kbps, cover art included) 

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Fantastic Album !


zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome! Glad you enjoy that stuff!

Wm Perry hat gesagt…

Listening now..This Is Good! Honest. Not a sentimental re-enactment of a valourized mythical form, But the thing itself. Just the music as it was alive on the day it was played.
Does that make sense? Its not a show-biz turn about “New Orleans Music” in the way some acts might trade on, selling an identity and a token of authenticity.
Its from New Orleans, made by a man who learned to work music there. But its his music in his life, working.
Sorry to run on, but i often wonder where the difference between true and false is in music. Theres always a lot of phony seeming “roots” music that relies as much on the photographer as the sound engineer. Beware of people that Dress The Part.
Any way… This is great.
Your site is great , too. I Always Learn things here. I’m often sorry that i have no german - i was very interested in the recording of songs by the man who wrote “Lulu” or rather the source for the Alben Berg opera. He sounded great and just the kind of unruly knot of a person thats treasure. I’m an old post-punkish sort of guy, y’know: “Lets hit our guitars with oil cans and tape loops!”, But “Lulu” (circa 1986-87? recording?) was overwhelming- Enter into it or reject it, but you could’nt listen to it and do something else too.
Wedekind, must see if i can find translations.
Summing up then, your site is valuable. You could teach great course in …what would it be.. “Social Opposition Through Song, in the hall, In the parlor, on the steps of a building” With a special remedial course “Disruptive and Formal, Activist Art Song in germany and europe,—For Americans, special circumstance, fragile or sheltered cases.”
Is there a term for that sort of song? Brecht, Wedekind, cabaret or parlor music sounding ( from this point in time- maybe it hit like Patti Smith Group then).
Well.. i could chat all day, literally years of coming here has left me with a spare room full of casual asides and half formed inquiries (“It’ll take too long to work out how to say it, And is it welcome or helpful? It would be an imposition “)
One last apology for the self indulgent length of this, a fresh pot of coffee is contributory.

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