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The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes

Rivaled only by the Birthday Party, the Pop Group were one of the most extreme bands from the post-punk explosion. That being said, the majority of their material is literally an assault of one's ears, as their sound was abrasive, noisy, aggressive, and funky as hell! 

Most of these tracks are excellent pieces of experimental "rock" (this term is used loosely here) that contain the raw energy of punk as well as a funky groove with some noise thrown in for fun. Dark melodies, angry political lyrics, and harsh noises walk hand in hand with dancey rhythms and reggae-influenced production and guitar. Whether it was their extreme sound, their angry slogan-like lyrics which demanded social justice, or their willingness to experiment, the Pop Group was not a band to be taken lightly. "We Are All Prostitutes," "Blind Faith," "Amnesty Report," "Feed the Hungry," and "Spanish Inquisition" are all excellent tracks. "We Are All Prostitutes" is an excellent musical documentation on one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music. A must have for all, even those who loathe music; everyone can learn something from it.


1. We Are All Prostitutes 3:13 (Radar Records single A-Side)
2. Blind Faith 4:04 ("FHMLDWTMM" Track 4)
3. Justice 3:09 ("FHMLDWTMM" Track 6)
4. Amnesty Report 3:14 ("WE ARE TIME" Compilation Track 7 (or B2 on LP)
5. Feed The Hungry 4:16 ("FHMLDWTMM" Track 2)
6. Where There's A Will 5:18 (B-side to split single with THE SLITS "In The Beginning There Was Rhythm")
7. Forces Of Oppression 2:17 ("FHMLDWTMM" Track 1)
8. Spanish Inquisition 3:21 ("WE ARE TIME" Compilation Track 5 (or A5 on LP)
9. No Spectators 4:19 ("FHMLDWTMM" Track 7)
10. (Amnesty Report II) 2:42 (B-Side to Track 1 "We Are All Prostitutes" single)

The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes 
(ca. 200 kbps, cover art included)

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