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I-Roy ‎- Musical Shark Attack (1976)

Along with U-Roy, Dennis Alcapone, and Big Youth, I-Roy was one of a quartet of DJs that reigned supreme over the Jamaican music scene during the early to mid-'70s. Of the four, I-Roy was the most eloquent, and his toasts were littered with references to pop culture, from movies to historical figures. He was also one of the most prolific, cutting scores upon scores of singles, and dozens of albums. Although the DJ's sun began to set at the end of the decade, I-Roy continued to record sporadically up to the '90s, by then, though, his life had taken a tragic turn.

By the '90s, the DJ was afflicted with a variety of health problems and his financial situation was so precarious that for stretches of time he found himself homeless.

By the end of his life, I-Roy had become financially reliant on his mentally retarded son. A second son was in prison and was killed there in October 1999. This terrible tragedy was perhaps the final blow for the weakened legend, and on November 27, 1999, the DJ died in a Spanish Town hospital from heart problems.

A more than worthy release during I Roy's Virgin stint in the 1970s, "Musical Shark Attack" mixes satirical swipes at Natty Dread with political period pieces and eulogies to his heroes (black political leader Marcus Garvey and, refreshingly, West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding).

The album features tracks like album features "Semi-Classical Natty Dread" and "Tribute to Marcus Garvey.".


1 Semi Classical Natty Dread
2 Musical Shark Attack
3 Drum Sound
4 Is Love I A Deal With
5 Social Development
6 Jamboree
7 Skyjuice And Festival Dumpling
8 Run For Your Life
9 Tribute To Michael Holding
10 Everybody Ballin'
11 Tribute To Marcus Garvey

I-Roy ‎- Musical Shark Attack (1976)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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