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Gary Clail - Half Cut For Confidence (1985)

Gary Clail, an English singer, MC, DJ and record producer, is a exceptional politically charged dub artist from Adrian Sherwood’s On U-Sound label. He worked originally as a roofer, but during the mid to late 1980s based in Bristol, he became a warm up act for On-U gigs.

"I am not sure how I ended up making records with him but I think it’s because I put together the Tack Head sound system. I used to record everything on cassettes, and had live sessions with Dub Syndicate African Charge Bim Sherman, Lee Scratch Perry and countless others. Adrian mixing everything on the mixing desk… and I spent hours trying to work out how I can put sound system together from cassette but I managed. Later it became known as the On U Sound System" (Gary Clail)

This 12" single was released in the UK in 1985 on On-U Sound. It was the first published Gary Clail record an produced by Adrian Sherwood.


Half Cut For Confidence
Half A Gram A Shout!

(ca. 224 kbps, cover art included)

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