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David Crosby & Graham Nash - Live In San Francisco, Dec. 14,1974

Rest in peace, David Crosby! Thanks a lot for all that wonderful music.

This is a well recorded delightful set deserving of a proper release. Crosby & Nash run through fan favorites and, what would have been, new songs in an all acoustic set.

Excellent live show recorded Dec. 14, 1974 by ace producer and engineer, Wally Heider, edited as a live album that would never come out. Fantastic sound and also known as the "Whale & Fieldworkers Benefit 1974" concert. There are a number of highlights, including Crosby’s new (at the time) “Carry Me” and a slow, tortured reading of “Wooden Ships.”


Intro (0:24)
Deja Vu (6:05)
Lady Of The Island (3:55)
Prison Song (3:40)
Carry Me (4:30)
It’s All Right (2:55)
Another Sleep Song (4:21)
King Of The Mountain (4:21)
Time After Time (4:26)
Guinnevere (6:30)
Fieldworker (4:28)
The Last Whale (4:14)
Wooden Ships (5:32)
What Are Their Names? (0:57)
Chicago (5:06)
Long Time Gone (6:32)
Outro (5:14)

(192 kbps, front cover included)

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