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Heiner Goebbels & Alfred Harth - Frankfurt Peking (1984)

The duo Goebbels/Harth (1975–1988), combining German composer, music-theatre director and keyboardist Heiner Goebbels and German composer, multi-media artist and saxophonist Alfred 23 Harth became famous for its adaptation of and departure from European composers, especially Hanns Eisler, implemented in a provocatively fresh manner into structured free improvisations and deploying content from areas beyond music. 

The duo was nicknamed the “Eisler brothers” by music critic W. Liefland. They later also experimented with different genres and sound collages, including electronic devices. The duo played in many international festivals and concerts in cities as diverse as Tel Aviv, Zagreb, West and East Berlin and South America.

In 1981, Berendt together with the duo produced the LP, "Zeit wird knapp" by including love poems and ballads from Bertolt Brecht, for which they recruited vocalists Dagmar Krause and Ernst Stötzner. The duo then artistically shaped the German new wave music/Neue Deutsche Welle in their style with their LPs "Indianer Für Morgn" and "Frankfurt/Peking" by also using synthesizer, electronic devices, and extended instruments. 

Around 1983–84, the creative spirit of the pair diminished. In 1987, Harth had been playing reeds and brass instruments in Goebbels’ performance "Der Mann im Fahrstuhl" at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada (together with Arto Lindsay and Heiner Müller). At the same festival, a final significant Goebbels/Harth event took place through a live recording, which became a kind of synopsis of the duo's entire repertoire over its long history. After a few more duo events and the unreleased last recordings “Duos für Fritz,” Harth disbanded the duo in 1988.

This album was recorded and mixed at Trion Sound Studio Frankfurt in September 1984-

A1 Die Reise Nach Aschenfeld 5:50
A2 Stell Dir Vor Du Bist Ein Delphin 4:52
A3 Blitze Über Moskau 4:39
A4 Paradies Und Hölle Können Eine Stadt Sein 4:53
B Peking-Oper 15:55

Heiner Goebbels & Alfred Harth - Frankfurt Peking (1984)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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