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Nancy Dupree - Ghetto Reality (Folkways, 1970, vinyl rip)

“…Nancy Dupree’s 1969 album Ghetto Reality, essentially an inner city version of the Langley Schools Music Project, but with the kids writing their own songs rather than covering contemporary pop hits.” – Mike McGonigal

In 1969 Nancy Dupree was running an after school music program in Rochester, New York. She helped the kids in the program write songs that related to there own experiences and feelings. The results are presented on this LP, and they are really something else. There are black power anthems, odes to stealing candy, a beautiful tribute to James Brown and an even more beautiful tribute to Martin Luther King. Not a novelty record with kids being goofy but rather a heartfelt work of art, Nancy Dupree sensitively accompanying the kids singing on piano. A real classic.
Nancy Dupree initially found her elementary school music students in Rochester, NY resistant to participation in class.

Once she dropped the standard literature (which asked "Mr. Bear" to "come and") and began composing music that bore relevancy to contemporary society and to their very tuned-in and grownup interests, she found they immediately took to performing.

Her songs addressed, for example, the contributions icons James Brown and Jelly Roll Morton (aka "Docta King") made to society, the intangible assets each child naturally possessed ("What do I have? Guts...heart...and soul") and fighting for civil rights ("I want my freedom; I want it now"). Not only did singing about meaningful issues in real musical styles reveal the immense talents the students had, but it gave all a critical lesson in empowerment.


1 What Do I Have? 3:01
2 James Brown 2:48
3 Bag Snatchin' 2:46
4 Docta King 5:35
5 Virgin Mary 3:00
6 I Want 3:34
7 Frankenstein 0:55
8 Cold 2:16
9 Jingle Bells 3:48
10 Call Baby Jesus 4:12

Nancy Dupree - Ghetto Reality (1970)
(320 kbsp, front cover included)

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muddyw123 hat gesagt…

New to me, thank you for sharing

stolle hat gesagt…

Ich lese grad ein Buch über das Folkways-Label, ich kenne diese Platte schon ewig, habe aber nicht realisiert, dass sie auf Folkways erschien. Die Platte ist ganz und gar wundervoll, und eine wahre Perle.
Bei dieser Gelegenheit auch mal danke für diesen tollen Blog, seit Jahren nicht versiegender Quell abgefahrener Musik.
luv, stollllllllllllle
PS - wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte wären das alte Sachen von Willy Michl und Herman van Veen.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Glad you enjoy the music. I am planning to post Willy Michl in the next days. Best wishes!

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