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5. Festival des politischen Liedes - Rote Lieder (1975, Eterna, vinyl rip)

The list of international and Eastern and Western German singers and musicians that have played over the years at the "Festival des politischen Liedes" is impressive. The broad mixture of different music from different countries along with the caught atmosphere is represented on the Eterna albums documenting these festivals.

Over the years there are songs of the Sands Family from Northern Ireland who have toured the GDR regularly since 1974, having been an important influence for the development of the Eastern folk revival. Among the interantional guests have been the Chilenian bands Inti Illimani and Quilapayún, Kaláka from Hungary, José Alfonso from Portugal.
Then the German singers and bands - from the East people like Gerhard Gundermann, Oktoberclub, Schicht, Wacholder; from the West Hannes Wader, Dieter Süverkrüp, Franz Joself Degenhardt.

The fifth festival was organised between February, 9th and the 15th, 1975 in East Berlin.


01 - Settimelli - Todos a la Plaza
02 - Rubén Ortiz-Torres - Zamba del Che
03 - The Laggan - The work of the weavers
04 - Acorn & Smith - Old ways - Hurray for the farmers
05 - Gruppe Lingua - Baikal-Amur-Magistrale
06 - Klaus Schneider & Gerd Kern - Kurzer Bericht über Leo D., Maurer
07 - José Martí - Guantanamera
08 - José Afonso - Grândola, Vila Morena
09 - Nicolás Guillén & Gema - Yo te daré la libertad
10 - Xasteria - Eviva libertad
11 - András & Pablo Neruda - Das Meer braust weiter
12 - Campos & Allende - Las últimas palabras
13 - Kumiko Yokoi - Sensha wa ugokenai
14 - Sören Sidevinds Spillemänd - Skipper Klement
15 - Franz Josef Degenhardt - Kommt an den Tisch unter Pflaumenbäumen

5. Festival des politischen Liedes - Rote Lieder (1975, vinyl rip)
(192 kbps, front cover inlcuded)

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