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Bluegrass At Newport - Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 1960 & 1963

Bluegrass is one of America´s original root music forms, one which originated in the traditional mountain music of the Kentucky and Virginia hills. The ringing banjos, lively fiddles and mandolins, and booming upright bass tones set toes to tapping and hands to clapping in rural mountain communities throughout the early and mid 1950s.

It was at the very first Newport Folk Festival, back in 1959, that bluegrass got its initial exposure to the young urban audiences who flocked to Rhode island each July to see and hear the red hot pickers and singers who were among the legendary figures of bluegrass.

In some cases these performers were making theri first-ever trips out of the South. Artists like Flatt and Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Jim & Jesse McReynold beace, if not quite household words, at least well enough known to contiinue to pursue active careers on the bluegrass festival, college, coffeehouse and concert circuit for many years after their Newport Folk Festival appearances.

Bluegrass At Newport - 2 CDs:
Bluegrass At Newport - Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 1960 & 1963
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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