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VA - Canto Libre - Freier Gesang (Amiga 1977)

This is a collection of political songs from Vietnam, South Africa, Spain, Chile and the GDR. With the titel "Canto Libre" it refers to Victor Jara and the "Nueva canción" movement.

Nueva canción (Spanish for 'new song') is a movement and genre within Latin American and Iberian music of folk music, folk-inspired music and socially committed music. Nueva canción is widely recognized to have played a powerful role in the social upheavals in Portugal, Spain and Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s.

Bringing together artisits from these countries, this album was intended as a support for the global fights against Imperialism. Artists representing revolutionary movements from all around the world were presented together with artistis taking part in the East German "Singebewegung" to express the world-wide anti-imperialist solidarity between the "fighting people".

This album is an interesting attempt linking the GDR song movement ("Singebewegung") with music form different kind of international revolutionary movements. We will come back to this connection with some more posts in the next weeks...


01 - Thanh nien Ho Chi Minh - Der Hügel der zehn Helden
02 - Gerry Wolff - Ballade von Ho Chi Minh
03 - Quilapayun - Por Vietnam
04 - Oktoberklub - Saigon ist frei
05 - Cynthia Nokwe - Nongqongqo
06 - Cynthia Nokwe - Sizobadubula ngembayimbayi
07 - Santocas - Poder Popular
08 - Oktoberklub - Der Tag der großen Arbeit
09 - Victor Jara - Canto Libre
10 - Inti Illimani - La Seunda Inderpendencia
11 - Jahrgang 49 - Für unser Chile
12 - Canzoniere Internationale - Elegia por Salvador allende
13 - Joan und José - A la huelga
14 - José Alfonso - Grândola via morena
15 - Oktoberklub - Nada para Pinochet

VA - Canto Libre - Freier Gesang (Amiga 1977)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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