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Ute Lemper - Sings Kurt Weill, Vol. 2

Volume 2 showcases Lemper's ability to sing with equal facility and understanding in German (Songs from "Happy End"), French (Songs from `"Marie Galante"), and English (Songs from "Lady in the Dark").

"Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weill Vol. 2" has two of Weill's most famous German songs outside of "Die Dreigroschenoper",  "Bilbao-Song" and "Surabaya-Johnny".

This album was recorded at CTS Studios, Wemberley (10/21/1991-10/21/1992) and at Hansa Studios, Berlin, Germany (10/21/1991-10/21/1992).

Tracks Vol. II:

Songs from Happy End (Weill; Lane)

*01. Bilbao Song
*02. Surabaya Johnny
*03. Was Die Herren Matrosen Sagen
*04. Der Song Von Mandelay
*05. Das Lied Vom Branntweinhandler

Songs from Marie galante (Weill; Déval; Fernay)
*06. Youkali Tango
*07. Les Filles De Bordeaux
*08. Le Train Du Ciel
*09. Le Grand Lustucru
*10. Le Roi D'acquitaine
*11. J'attends Un Navire

Songs from Lady in the Dark /Weill; Hart; Gershwin)
*12. One Life To Live
*13. A Saga Of Jenny
*14. My Ship

Ute Lemper - Sings Kurt Weill, Vol. 2 
(192 kbps, cover included)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Youkali Tango is not from Happy End, it's from Paris part of Weill's oeuvre (I'm not sure^ is it from Marie galante or independent work)

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks, that´s right. Kurt Weill wrote "Youkali" in 1934 in his french exile for the opera "Maria Galante", based on the book by Jacques Deval.

It´s great to have well informed readers!

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