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Hazel O´Connor - Sons & Lovers (1980)

"Sons & Lovers" was Hazel O'Connor's second album, released also in 1980. The album didn't have the same impact of its predecessor as it was felt like a rushed release hot on the heels of her first album.

However, that didn't stop the album from spawning memorable hits such as D-Days (#10 in the U.K.). This song was inspired by one trip Hazel did to a London night club where she met a lot of bizarre looking people.

The album follows pretty much the same line of her previous album, New Wave with intelligent lyrics and saxophones thrown in the songs, but it's worth a listen.

D-Days 3:10
Waiting 2:33
Who Will Care? 3:18
Zoo 4:32
Gigolo 2:41
Do What You Do 4:36
Sons And Lovers 4:38
Glass Houses 3:19
Ain't It Funny 3:57
Danny Boy 2:30
Bye Bye 3:18
Time (Ain't On Our Side) 3:17

Hazel O´Connor  - Sons & Lovers (1980)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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